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Hello, I am Tanja, a working mother of two boys; Cohen and Beau, ages 13 and 1
respectively. I am a fiancé of Paulo, the man of my dreams, a dream which came
true. I am the twin sister of Tamara, who is not only my sibling, she is my best
friend. I am excited to bring this blog to you to tell you my truth, my heart and to
share with you, myself. This has been a huge passion project for me and I’m
THRILLED that it is finally ready to be launched.

I love to craft, bake, go to the movies. I love the mountains, as a Vancouver girl
that is a given. Amiright or amiright?

I am not an Alberta native, I moved to Edmonton in November 2010 and it has
been the best decision of my life next to maintaining my eyebrows professionally.
It was a little scary for a little bit.

I moved here after my first husband and I made the decision to end our marriage,
so at age 30 I found myself a single mother, broke and a lost life purpose. My twin
sister had moved here for work a few years earlier and she recognized that I needed
her support and I needed a different landscape to survive rebuilding my new
normal. The crossroads in my life forced a change that was happening regardless
if I was ready for it or not.

I have become a huge fan of crossroads, because it forces you to change your life
in a huge or minor way. It could be going back to school, acing the banana bread
recipe or creating the business and family you have always wanted. I believe with
all my being that you are never too old to have the life you want and build for
yourself. With that being said, I invite you on this journey with me, that we explore
motherhood, crafting, baking, fashion, surviving adulthood and maintaining a
bikini wax with humor and humility of course.

All the love in the world,


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