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This blog is created for Moms, women and all those who live their families, strive to have some quality ‘me ‘ time and are looking for the recipe that will satisfy even the pickiest eater in the family. Someone who is crafty and wants to make time to complete that Pinterest worthy project. This individual wants to learn a little a little, laugh a lot and to know they aren’t alone in the challenges of  life that connect  but can also divide us. Through content that invites on you on this journey, with truth, honesty and humility II invite you. Come join us thru b one word at a time.

Why I Am Grateful for a Timeout

Why I Am Grateful for a Timeout

Six weeks in and counting, I like the rest of you have spent away from my work, my friends, my activities,the mall and the Urban Diner, their Mac n cheese is to die for: and most regrettable my hairdresser.My hair is an unfortunate disaster. This time out is less...

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